School Lunches Delivered Fresh and Hot Every Day

The Incredible Lunch Ladies have great taste!

We deliver the Highest Quality lunches to your students, at school, so they can do what they are there to do: grow and LEARN!

As an added bonus, The Incredible Lunch Ladies bring in fresh fruit EVERY week, for ALL students and staff to enjoy, regardless of participation in the program.

Plus, we donate back to your school! Last year 100% of the profits went to various programs for the school. Scroll down for more details.

Putting the in their incredible lunch!


The Incredible Lunch Ladies was formed when two moms heard the plea of other parents for an affordable lunch program that serves hot, healthy food, taking the hassle out of packing lunchboxes everyday. Working with local restaurants, we found a brilliant solution to have a variety of piping hot cuisine delivered fresh every day right at lunch time, thus solving the lunch dilemma for you, and helping local eating establishments.

Countless studies show that well fed students are not only happier and more well behaved but also learn more efficiently.


And unlike what most hot lunch delivery programs charge, we are still able to turn around and give back to the school because it’s all about our children, right? Last year 100% of the profits went to the school: the ASB, the school dances, the Endowment Fund, helping a family in need and bringing guest speakers in. Again this year we will be donating to projects that the kids dream about to make their campus life better.

The Incredible Lunch Ladies are here to help. We pack the lunchbox with yummy food, so you don’t have to!